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KristsPhotography logoThe main purpose of this Krists.Photography website is to share my photography activities and experience. Also, as a showcase for my photography works and achievement. There will be photography blog to share my photography learning experience, useful tips, and articles from various sources. There will be also blog of my photography travel which hopefully will become a useful source of information for others who plan travel to the specified place. Gallery will also provided to show selected photos of my previous works.


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My Photography

Photography is just a hobby of mine and I am still learning about it from time to time since photography is a continuous learning process. I started seriously learning photography when I bought my first DSLR camera, Nikon D7000, in 2012. By most of the time learning by doing and also learn the skill from more experienced Photographers, I managed to improve my photography skill. My Instagram account (instagram.com/krists.photography) is a perfect showcase of my learning process through time. As for my photography portfolio, please visit my 500px gallery (500px.com/k_sty). My photos there are available for purchase/license.

Photography has many lines of interest. I myself prefer nature & landscape photography as main interest. To some degree, human interest, street, and travel photography.

Why nature & landscape photography? Main simple reason: Uniqueness. When taking a nature & landscape photos, the moment that you took is unique, there will be no repetition. Only yourself has that snapshot of that point of time. The other reason is I love nature and landscape scenery. They are so gorgeous, especially during sunrise and sunset, and need effort to reach the place where you can enjoy it the best, so it is just like a healthy outdoor activities. I feel like become healthier and enjoy my life.

I am open to any inquiry and suggestion. You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.y for any photography-related issue, I will do my utmost to promptly reply and answer your inquiries.

Finally... I hope you enjoy visiting this website and learn something from it. 


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