My Photo in Jetstar Website

Jetstar is my preferred airline when I travel by air for overseas flight for three basic reasons: affordable ticket price (budget airline), on time flight (most of the time), and comfortable seat. And, something that I realized when check-in at Changi Airport where now all done by machine, I was always assigned to window seat so far. Well, probably their system keep my historical records and assume it is as my preference.

This morning (23-Sep-2017), when I browse Jetstar website to plan flight for my next photography trip, I am quite surprised that one of my Stock Photo in Shutterstock is being used in the website. It is when you open Menu>Destinations>Indonesia, my picture will be shown there.

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My Photography Journey

Since the start of digital camera, I have interest in photography, since the process to enjoy the photography result is getting much more easier, just shoot and the result shown on the small LCD screen of the camera. In this article, I am going to flashback and share my photography journey of the camera I use and the learning process.

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