Pantai Gigi Hiu, Pegadungan, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung, Indonesia



Pantai Gigi Hiu (Shark's Teeth Beach) is located in Pegadungan, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung, Indonesia.
Pantai Gigi Hiu is one of favourite landscape photography spots in Lampung. The unique rocks formation at the beach those looks like shark's teeth is how it gets its unofficial name by the landscape photographers. The limited transportation infrastructure makes it quite challenging to reach this location and motorcycle is the most suitable mode of transport up to mid 2017. Good news that the local government has already plan to build road to the location so in the future, the location can be reached by car.

The Gallery

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Pantai Gigi Hiu (Shark's Teeth Beach) by Kristianus Setyawan on
Panoramic Sunset View of Pantai Gigi Hiu

The Raging Waves by Kristianus Setyawan on
The raging waves of southern sea

Misty Land by Kristianus Setyawan on
Long exposure shot of the beach

Gigi Hiu Beach, Pegadung, Lampung, Indonesia by Kristianus Setyawan on
Panoramic view of the rocky beach

Sunset Pegadung, Lampung by Kristianus Setyawan on
Conceptual human interest photography at Pantai Gigi Hiu